Ecomuseum Daviaud La Barre de Monts

Discover the Vendée Marsh Ecomuseum in La Barre-de-Monts, a preserved natural area, a real open-air museum on more than 60 hectares.

Natural site of exception, the Ecomuseum of Daviaud invites you to discover the territory and its heritage. Enjoy an exotic walk, a rich and varied fauna and flora, a rare and fragile ecosystem, between dunes and forest.

From natural heritage to popular arts and traditions…

The ecomuseum, housed in traditional heritage buildings (farm, barn, bourrine), features exhibitions on the environment and popular arts and traditions, and traces the history of the marsh. Discover the daily life of the maraîchins of the Pays de Mont, their techniques and know-how. The salt harvest, agricultural activities, and farm animals will have no secrets for you!

The ornithological observatory makes it possible to observe numbers of migratory bird species that have taken up residence in this preserved environment. During the summer season, guided tours, entertainment, folk dance demonstrations, workshops or tastings of local products are offered by the ecomuseum.

Visiting time: 2h. In the summer, plan a half-day visit

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